Cathy Fulcher - 8th Grade Honors and Gifted

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8th Grade Social Studies, Honors and Gifted
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8th Grade Social Studies

Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies.  This year will be broken into 3 main parts:  The first semester we will work through the American Founding of Government (1), Economics (2) and World War II , while second semester covers modern United States history from the Cold War to current day (3).  
The Common Core Standards being added to the curriculum in all subject areas will have students analyzing primary and secondary sources and writing about their finding and conclusions.  It is expected to focus on the development of critical thinking skills more so than rote memorization of facts and dates.
Therefore, you should find less worksheet type homework and more research and writing assigned.  Students will be asked to present their findings in a formal paragraph, where basic conventions are assessed.  They will also be evaluated on paragraph construction and quality of the content they provide.  Simple, short answers and paragraphs lacking any real depth will be marked down.  These types of simplistic responses do not meet the criteria set forth within the expectations.  Students will receive in-depth training on how quality responses are constructed during the first several weeks of class.  They will practice these types of writings before actual assessments are given.  Within their Interactive Notebooks, you will find examples and guidelines for constructing quality responses.

Honors and Gifted:

This specially designed honors course is designed to prepare students for the rigors of AP History classes at the high school level.  The course work will be the same as other 8th Grade Social Studies classes; however, the depth of material and types of assignments will be different.  Students will cover an introduction to political science and economics in the first semester.  The second semester will cover the history of the United States from World War II to relative current day.  Students will be asked to keep an Interactive Notebook that will be graded periodically, and will make extensive use of Primary Source documents in both analysis and as references in their writing. Writing will be the primary way of demonstrating mastery of a topic.  Students are required to present their findings in a clear concise method, demonstrating command not only of content but also organization and conventions. 


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